Monday, August 08, 2011

Living Dreams

J Belle Spangler

J. Belle Spangler is an artist who co-created “Living Dreams” with her spirit guide of 20 years. Her guide instructed her to paint the beautiful, bold, abstract illustrations and to transcribe what he calls the “healing lessons.” These channeled “healing lessons” reveal techniques to finding happiness, which will launch you on a journey to your “Raised Consciousness,” creativity, and finally to your sacred Soul. Throughout this journey you will unleash the exquisite power of “Bold Love” to ignite and accelerate the manifestation of your dreams. Within the “healing Lessons,” J. Belle’s unusual spirit guide provides inspiring affirmations, and unique applications to the Law of Attraction. These affirmations and teachings are provided to help you raise your energy vibrations and attract the life you want. J. Belle Spangler also writes a personal, entertaining, albeit truthful account of her passage through the “healing lessons,” and to finding “Bold Love.” According to J. Belle, “Bold Love” is a feeling that allows you to create a place in your consciousness and life for your dreams to blossom and grow. Her spirit guide proclaims, “Bold Love arranges a synchronicity of miracles just for you.”

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