Saturday, April 02, 2011

SAFI STUDIOS: Spring Edition*

SPRING GALLERY NIGHT: Friday, April 15, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

NEW WORK: by Tom Kovacich (high-gloss color fields paired with new paintings, Marigold, and Geranium), Jane Gates, and Dianne Soffa (who debuts her new painting, Dirty Pink Maybelline);

PLUS: Walkthrough, a new video by Milwaukee video artist Scott Johnson. With its' skyward vantage point and elements of pixelation, electric lines, peaks of houses, trees, clouds, and lens flares, Walkthrough features a soundtrack by Virginia artist Stephen Palke and Matt Boettke of Ancient Noir. This is a vibrant and intelligent video by one of Milwaukee's emerging talents - don't miss it! (note: you may find yourself walking through the images as you enter the gallery.)

Image by: Scott Johnson
Sound by: Ancient Noir and C2011.

AND FINALLY: Beautiful new sculpture by artist Denise M. Schanz; these works play on the delicate human structures of the bones of the ear, juxtaposed into organic forms. One of Jane's former students, Denise joins Safi Studios as a guest artist for spring gallery night.

DETAILS: Please visit the Safi Studios and The Thick Air website links on the side bar of this page.

*Exhibition to be supplemented with ambient collage music by ATMOS Spheres: a collaboration between KasjaNoova of Antwerp, Belgium, and Scott Johnson.

Safi Studios
Marshall Building
Suite LL8
207 E Buffalo Street
Milwaukee WI

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Anonymous said...

writer Judith Moriarty incorrectly identified the piece tucked in a corner as the work of Denise Schantz. It is the work of Safi artist, Dianne Soffa. The review ran in

best, Judith