Thursday, June 18, 2009


It was reported that a coyote was shot today by the Milwaukee Police Department. The officers on scene, determined the coyote was an animal and therefore the possibility exists the animal could be rabid. Luckily, the officers were able to defend themselves when the coyote turned towards them. All I care about is that I paid for those bullets out of my tax dollars so I surely hope the officers were good shots.

As reported, coyote sightings in the area have been on the rise. I'm sure the possibility exists where a jogger may be challenged by an encounter with one of these buggers. Who knows what they eat? If I were walking down Lake Shore Drive, I would certainly not want to be interrupted. My time is important. What if I were texting someone, or, how would you like be driving along in your car and a bird appears out of nowhere and poops on your hood? I think it is time we refuse to let these inconveniences bastardize our lakefront and parks.

Round them up by pushing some tranquilizers inside of some hot dogs--they’ll eat them. Eat, sleep, simple. Meanwhile--clean them up while they are under and groom them, and it’s probably a good thing at this point to get them fixed. When they wake up--done deal, let’em go. I'm sure the city could contract with someone like Usinger's to sport some of their seconds at cost, just to be more green.

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