Sunday, May 13, 2007

::::::::::: PULS

Happy Mother's Day Mary.


vashti said...

Awwwwwww Looks like it was taken in the 1950's rather than the middle '1960's! I guess I was raised Old fashioned!!!!

Vashti said...

Post script ...I also look like a little boy...kind of what I picture Milne's Christopher Robin
to look like! And for the record my dearest of name is spelt PULS (I only mention it cos
me ole Irish/
German Pa/herr might roll over in his sod if he knew his name was mis-spelt)!!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Vashti

thomas kovacich said...

Dear Mary--
To say the least, you were stylin' for the times.
I looked the same as you--so did my mom in regards to yours; but the bush was Lilac and not Forsythia.

Love Tommy